Frequently Asked Questions

FAQsWhat are some guidelines for writing?

  • 300-500 words
  • English or Tagalog (but not Taglish)
  • Cite your sources
  • Borrowed words are accepted (i.e. perfume or perpyum, computer or kompyuter)
  • Plagiarism is a NO-NO

What kind of content should I write about

  1. Trending and Viral


  2. Controversies in Politics


  3. Korean anything

    K-pop fandom
    K-drama reviews

How can I track these stuff to keep me updated?

News aggregator like Feedly
Monitor a page with Fanpage Karma

Can I provide my own graphics?

Yes, but they still have to be reviewed due to certain policies.

We only accept the following format: gif, jpeg, jpg, png, mp4

Will my submitted content be published?

Not yet; editors will still have to look at your submission – from title to text.

I didn’t see my submitted content, why?

Your article didn’t make the cut; sharpen your skills and your next article might just be published.

Don’t worry, it wasn’t only your submission that was unpublished.

Why do I have to provide my Email and Mobile number?

To reach you out, and for your (possible) compensation if you made the cut! 😉

Where can I submit my article?

There are three (3) ways on how you can submit your article:

  1. Send to [email protected];
  2. Submit directly here;
  3. or Send via our Facebook page.