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A  screenshot of the boxing legend is making the rounds on social media. The screenshot apparently shows Manny Pacquiao commenting on the live feed of Instagram sensation Arzaylea.


The comments by the boxing legend have drawn mixed reactions from netizens, with some defending Manny by pointing out that it was possible that someone else is managing the IG page. However, most netizens disagreed with this view, citing Manny Pacquiao’s track record with women.

Some of the more savage comments from netizens have even gone as far as to call his comments as “Fuccboi Moves” and name him as “Pastor Manny the Second Hokage”, while some expressed disappointment in light of the Senator’s apparent claims of being reformed.

Disappointed Netizens on Pacman

What do you guys think? Drop your comments below.


After receiving mixed reaction from the netizens, Jollibee Foods Corp releases a public apology after the “Versace on the Floor” dance video of its mascot went viral.

PANOORIN: Versace on the Floor by Jollibee

Sexy? Inappropriate? Fun?

Nevertheless, Jollibee released a statement saying

“Jollibee would like to apologize to the public, especially to our young fans, who may have been disappointed or offended with the said dance video of our mascot that was uploaded on social media… We would like to clarify that the performance is a deviation from the standard mascot and party guidelines — be it for Jollibee Kids Party or internal events.”

Jollibee assures the public that they will take the necessary measures to ensure that all performances in the future “will consistently reflect the values and spirit of the family, friendship and wholesome fun that Jollibee has always been known for.”


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Mahilig ka bang sumayaw? Pero nahihiya ka dahil feeling mo mataba ka? Mahilig kang kumain sa Jollibee ‘noh?

‘Wag mag-alala!

Tingnan niyo nalang si Jollibee.Malaki, chubby, pero game lang sa pagsayaw! Nasa galaw yan, hindi sa katawan.

Sikreto ni Jollibee? Dapat palaging masaya. Dapat lagi lang naka-smile.

Kasi sa Jollibee, bida ang saya!


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Is Duterte hiding something from the general public? Probably, considering that presidential mouthpiece Mocha Uson may have made a major slip-up online.

Here is what happened:On May 17, 2017, Mocha Uson’s

On May 17, 2017, Mocha Uson’s official blog page on Facebook shared a post from a pro-administration page.

See for yourselves.

Is this true? Mocha Uson's slip-up.

After a set amount of time has passed, the post was nowhere to be seen on the page. It seems to have been deleted.


What it Means for the Public

So what exactly is going on here? Is President Duterte really hiding his ailment from the public?

To add to the suspicion, there isn’t a single post about this on any of the pro-Duterte pages on Facebook.

Instead, other political pages who do not seem to be pro-administration have also started to write about this blunder.

Is this really true? Why would Mocha Uson take down the post about the incident of Duterte vomiting during the summit in China?

All we can do right now is to raise speculations.

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Recovery Food, fondly called RF in Bonifacio Global City, features a rather unique dish called ChampoSandro.

Champosandro is RF’s take on champurrado, the classic Filipino specialty which has come to our shores through our former Spanish colonizers.

Why Sandro though? According to some tweets, it’s named after Sandro Marcos, the son of Bongbong Marcos and grandson of former President Ferdinand Marcos:

Critics have poked fun of the dish by relating the entree to past Marcos controversies. However, the bulk of attention comes from the fans of Sandro Marcos.

The Facebook fan page called ‘Finding Sandro’ has driven fans wild. Makes one wonder if this is part of Recovery Food’s marketing strategy or just a happy coincidence.

Considering the buzz, maybe Buzzfeed should update its article on “Champurrado” by also featuring Sandro Marcos and Recovery Food!

There have been numerous stories about the gold that was stolen and buried underground by General Yamashita during World War 2.

Stories also claimed that these buried treasures were also supposedly rigged with booby traps and bombs.

This video making the rounds online show what appears to be men disarming booby-trapped bars of gold inside a cave.

Is this video a real account of treasure hunter hitting pay dirt or an elaborate hoax?

What do you guys think?

The image of a P30 bill with President Rodrigo Duterte’s portrait garnered mixed reactions from netizens.

The origin of the image is unclear.

Since the photo started circulating online this week, it has attracted over 17,000 likes in one fan page.

The image in the currency shows Duterte with his mouth agape, and his middle finger raised. This prompted Duterte supporters to suggest that a different photo be used as the image in the currency.

One Duterte supporter, Leon Ash Steff, comments on the President Duterte Supporters Facebook page that the person who designed the currency was a Duterte hater.

Other netizens suggested that President Duterte should be placed on a P2,000 or P5,000 bill.

The writing “tatlump***nginang piso” in the bill garnered laughter online.

Sandro Marcos, the grandson of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr., has once again been a target of netizens with just a four-word Twitter post.

The 22-year old Marcos praised the latest blockbuster film “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” on his Twitter account which read “Rogue One is incredible”. He shared it to his 283,000 Twitter followers.

The film follows the story of a band of rebels trying to overthrow an evil empire. It was directed by British filmmaker Gareth Edwards.

However, netizens compared the similarity of the movie to the 1986 People Power Revolution that overthrew the dictatorship of his grandfather.

Here are some of the tweets against Sandro:

“Yeah. The Rebellion is like People Power, The New Republic is Martial Law, and Darth
Vader is your lolo (grandfather).”

“You know what’s more incredible? Admitting your family’s crimes against the Philippines and apologizing for them.”

@iamlancer:”Does it remind you of something? Something that involves your family?”

@dreamingofyoo:”You know what’s more incredible? Philippines did that few decades ago. Overthrew your tyrannical family.”

Salvador Aquino:

“The Force is strong with the irony.”

However, other tweets spoke in defense of the young Marcos.

Twitter user Pepe Alas said:

“Poor @sandromarcos7 is being cyberbullied by millennials. Suppression of freedom of the press is no different from cyberbullying.”

Twitter Gianna Catolico said:

“Twitter trolls, enough cyber bullying. Leave the kid alone. I don’t like the Marcoses, but please.”

Chrisha Choo is a Filipina contestant in “K-Pop Star” Season 6. She caught the attention of Yang Hyun-suk of YG Entertainment. He expressed interest in managing the Filipina contestant during the show’s ranking audition.

The judges noted the song that Choo sang, which was “Emergency Room”, is commonly sung in karaoke bars. She also danced to Ariana Grande’s “Focus”.

JYP Entertainment’s Park Jin-young lauded Choo’s performance together with the judges adding that she looked like a star while performing.

Among all the other contestants in her batch, Choo ranked first.

Big Bang and Sandara Park are among some of the Korean Pop Stars under YG Entertainment.