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Ayon kay Olongapo City Police Office Director Melchor Cabalza III, nag-text sa kaniya ang isang concerned citizen tungkol sa isang babaeng drug suspect na umano’y ginahasa habang nakakulong sa Station 5.

Ayon sa imbestigasyon at sa sinumpaang salaysay ng biktimang itinago sa pangalang “Megan”, inutusan siya ng desk officer na si PO1 Gaylord Calara na magtapon ng basura noong madaling araw ng Hunyo 29, bago sila ilipat sa city jail.

Pabalik na siya ng selda nang tawagin siya ni PO1 Raymond Diaz kasama sina PO1 Ed Mesias, PO2 Nelson Abalos, at PO3 Stevie Rivera.

Pinapasok umano siya ng mga pulis sa isang kuwarto sa presinto at inutusang sumayaw nang nakahubad dahil alam daw nilang dancer siya sa club.

Sumayaw naman umano siya dahil sa takot pero hindi siya naghubad.

Naiwan sa kuwarto si Diaz at doon na umano siya pinagsamantalahan.

Dagdag pa niya, nagulat siya nang may pumasok na limang pulis kasama ang presong si alyas “James” na kasama ni Megan na nahuli sa drug raid.

“Inutusan daw silang dalawa. Ang sabi daw ng mga pulis ‘bago man lang kayo maibiyahe bukas, mag-sex na kayong dalawa, mag-show kayo’, ‘yon daw nag-show ‘yong dalawa, pinilit sila,” ani Cabalza.

Bago man lang kayo maibiyahe bukas, mag-sex na kayong dalawa, mag-show kayo.

Kuwento nina Megan at James, nagtatawanan ang mga pulis habang pinapanood silang nagtatalik at sumunod sila dahil sa takot.

Sinampahan naman ng kasong rape sa piskalya at kasong administratibo sa Regional Internal Affairs Service sina Diaz, PO3 Diosdado Alterado, Rivera, Abalos, Calara, at Mesias.

Inalis na rin sila sa puwesto kasama ang station commander nilang si Chief Inspector Nasser Abdurasul.

Source: ABS CBN

Hindi napigilan ng isang ginang na maiyak habang ikinukuwento ang mapait na karanasan nilang mag-ina sa kamay ng mga terorista.

Ani ginang, wala siyang nagawa nang gahasain  sa kaniyang harap ang 15 anyos na dalagitang anak. Paulit-ulit din siyang tinanong ng anak noon kung kailan matatapos ang kanilang bangungot.

Bakit ganito ang nangyari sa’kin, mama? Bakit ganito ang nangyari… ito lang ang inabutan ng buhay ko? Nagahasa nila ‘ko sa harap ninyo.

See the video here.

Madaling araw noong Linggo, Oktubre 15, nakunan ng isang sundalo ang nangyaring paglusob at pagbibigay ng paunang lunas sa babaeng ginawa umanong “human shield” ng mga terorista.

Umiiyak ang babae, kasama ang isa pang babaeng may tama ng bala sa likod.

Agad siyang inasikaso ng mga sundalo, binigyan ng tubig at nilagyan ng dextrose.

Maririnig pa sa video na sinasabihan ang biktimang huwag mag-alala at buhay siya.

Matapos lapatan ng paunang lunas, dinala ang babae sa ambulansiya.

Source: ABS CBN

Armed Forces of the Philippines spokesperson Major Gen. Restituto Padilla said that slain terror leaders Isnilon Hapilon and Omar Maute were trying to escape war-torn Marawi City when they were killed by government forces.

The AFP spokesperson stated that state troops were able to pinpoint Hapilon and Maute’s location based on information given by rescued hostages. The information included the extremist leaders’ security details, their hideouts and how the group moved from building to building.

They had to be smoked out…The building was about 2 or 3-story building, located near the corner towards the lake and the last bridge that we were able to take.
The circumstances of their death [was] not a good one. They were in the process of abandoning their friends, their colleagues who were left in the battlefield. They were escaping towards the lake when they were neutralized.

Watch the Video here of the interview with ANC’s Headstart.

Hapilon was said to be the anointed emir of the Islamic State in Southeast Asia.

Maute, with his brother Abdullah, hoisted black flags of the Islamic State group and set fire to Dansalan College in May, which marked the beginning of a months-long siege in the Islamic city.

A day after their deaths were confirmed, President Rodrigo Duterte announced the liberation of Marawi City, after roughly five months of battling the Islamic State-inspired fighters.

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Who would they be and why?

President Duterte as Sniper! Nuff said.


Lina Hontiveros? Good fit? Add a scepter and that ulti will go through your bkb like a hot knife through butter.


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Journalist and Broadcaster Ramon “Mon” Tulfo Jr. has historically been very vocally opposed against the INC, even going as far as mentioning that he has no fear of the supposed INC death squads on his radio show.

In an article with Inquirer dated Sept 19, 2017, he stated.

A good number of libel cases filed by the Iglesia ni Cristo against this columnist and Inquirer editors had been dismissed by various prosecution offices handling the preliminary investigation.

Thanks but no thanks to Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II who refuses to consolidate the cases into one and have them filed in the Department of Justice in Manila.

Aguirre, it seems, is courting the religious group.

Apparently, Ramon Tulfo also wanted to take a potshot at Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II.


A  screenshot of the boxing legend is making the rounds on social media. The screenshot apparently shows Manny Pacquiao commenting on the live feed of Instagram sensation Arzaylea.


The comments by the boxing legend have drawn mixed reactions from netizens, with some defending Manny by pointing out that it was possible that someone else is managing the IG page. However, most netizens disagreed with this view, citing Manny Pacquiao’s track record with women.

Some of the more savage comments from netizens have even gone as far as to call his comments as “Fuccboi Moves” and name him as “Pastor Manny the Second Hokage”, while some expressed disappointment in light of the Senator’s apparent claims of being reformed.

Disappointed Netizens on Pacman

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You are here primarily because of the beautiful and talented Lisa. She is part of a popular group BLACKPINK along with other members, Jennie, Jisoo, and Rose. Their group debuted last year’s August under YG Entertainment.

However, aside from the main reason why you’re here, maybe it’s because of dance. If you love to dance, you’ll probably be familiar of the dances that’ll be presented in the article.

If America had “Dougie” and South Korea had “Gangnam Style,” Philippines had “Budots.”  It is a slang for “tambay” which means people with no jobs or permanent jobs.


Gangnam Style


It is a form of electronic dance music (EDM), popularized by a group called “CamusBoyz” from Davao City in Mindanao, Philippines. The music is most common for mobile phone speaker and fiesta party sound systems.


It doesn’t end there, though. Also, in Southeast Asia, Thailand can brag something of their own unique kind of dance.

Lisa showcased it in an episode of a show called “KnowingBrother.” After all, Bangkok is her birthplace.

Others call it ‘Taxi taxi” and the other one is “Shooting Star.”

Were you entertained of her dance?

Dancing is not the only talent that she has. She also possesses the skill in singing, rap and vocals. A major turn on, she can speak in four languages!

Here is the “evolution” of Lisa’s skill in dancing!

No, She’s not Franklin Drilon in makeup. And you have to admit it’s very hard not to notice her in public. She would always stand out in a crowd of protesters, her appearance alone being her strong message.

Juana Change — Mae Paner in real life — is arguably the most popular satirist in the Philippines today. She has brought political satire to the street protests and the internet.

The making of the character

Juana Change first came out in a YouTube video in December 2008 when then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was facing a string of corruption scandals

Paner and other professionals had gathered to discuss what they could do for the country. In what Paner coined as a “visioning exercise,” one of the participants wrote “Wanna Change.” She then suggested replacing “Wanna” with “Juana,” a name representative of Filipinos. As most of them are artists, they all agreed to utilize their talents for their advocacy for social transformation.

Despite limited resources, the team is able to produce short-length videos. It was a big hurdle to create high-quality videos on a tight budget because all of them were used to doing well-funded productions.

Art, Satire are her tools

Paner has always identified herself as a communicator.

“It was in PETA [Philippine Educational Theater Association] that I learned what love for country means,”

Paner said.

Her involvement in PETA made her realize how effective art is in criticizing the government.

“It’s very threatening to the administration… Artists are very effective in criticism because the attack is different, its penetration to the audience’s consciousness is different. Art goes straight to the heart, to the psyche.”

She was arrested and detained in 1984 but was eventually released. She was 21 then, a fresh graduate of Psychology from the University of Santo Tomas.

Popularity in social media

In her YouTube videos, she does not get instant feedback but the reach is wider.

“When it gets viral, it becomes like a virus that has a life on its own. You can no longer control who uses the material,”

She said.

The videos get in the hands of government and paid trolls, and at the same time, they also become available to students and other netizens. They can view the videos anytime; the message is virtually replicated many times over.

Recent controversy

Paner recently drew the ire of the AFP after one of her stunts during President Rodrigo Duterte’s State of the Nation Address.

Paner wore a camouflage, battle-dress attire in a protest action early this week.

“Her act of illegally using an AFP uniform is in violation of Act 179 of the RPC (Unauthorized Use of Uniforms) and RA 493 (Prohibition of Use of Insignias, Decorations, Badges and patches prescribed for the AFP),”

Brig Gen. Restituto Padilla said in a statement.

“We will take the necessary legal action to hold Ms. Paner,”

He added.

There are video footages of a new modus in drug trafficking that is circulating in the social media. It immediately went viral right after it was posted.

Recently, Rajesh Valavil, a Facebook user uploaded a video of different style of drug trafficking.

In the first video, the illegal substance was hidden inside of an onion. It was found out after a man opened the onion and the illegal drugs were exposed inside the onion.

In the next video, it shows how the illegal drugs were hidden inside of a pack of red peppers. Netizens cannot really believe that inside of a small red pepper is a pack of drug.

According to Rejesh, cocaine trafficking in Dubai, Singapore, and Malaysia is punishable by death.He wanted to increase the awareness of the passengers to be always alert to avoid being a victim of someone will ask them to hold any items for others even just for a while.

He captioned his post with:

“The airport custom staff reminded all passengers or anybody NOT TO HOLD any items for others. Even if an elderly ask you to hold for a second. Tell he or she to put it on the floor. The trafficking of cocaine in Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai is a Death sentence. After viewing the video, you will understand WHY. Always be alert!

Drugs hidden in onion and dry red chilies.

Do not help anyone carry anything, even normal looking onions concealed drugs.”

Sometimes people have problems when they hear other people talking about how they look. Was it the color combination? Do the shoes not match the pants? Is there a rip?

This Girl Knows She’s Beautiful and No-one Can Tell Her Otherwise

One netizen had that happen to her. She noticed how people would criticize and whisper, and she had enough of it. In her rant, she listed all the different things people would question or murmur.

This Girl Knows She’s Beautiful and No-one Can Tell Her Otherwise
Always with the questions

I for one can say that her answer managed to beat them all:

This Girl Knows She’s Beautiful and No-one Can Tell Her Otherwise
See I told you she beat them

Following up her barrage with a statement of defiance, that no she will not change how she dresses or how she is because of some petty words. Firing back with a question of: “Mga perfect ho ba kayo?”. I like to think that would silence the critics.

But regardless of her critiques, this netizen believes in herself and in her own beauty. And at the end of the day isn’t that the most important thing? After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

This Girl Knows She’s Beautiful and No-one Can Tell Her Otherwise

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