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Malakas lang talaga ang kanyang boses, paliwanag ni Xander, marahil na-misunderstood lang siya ng mga tao na nakarinig sa kanya sa nagdaang guesting niya sa “Gandang Gabi Vice.”

Xander clarified with this statement.

Gusto ko lang pong sabihin sa lahat na ‘yung guesting ng ‘GGV’ ay okay naman po siya. Na-misunderstand lang po siguro ako ng mga tao doon dahil galing ako sa taping po… Akala lang po talaga ng taong nakarinig sa akin ay sumisigaw ako, pero hindi po talaga.

Tinanong lang nila ako kung sino ako at sumagot ako na ako si Xander Ford, pero mataas ang boses ko. Malaki lang po ang boses ko. Siguro po na-misunderstand lang po ng tao noong mga nakakarinig, pero hindi ako sumigaw o nag-attitude.

Ayon kay Xander, naayos naman at humingi na rin siya ng paumanhin sa mga taong nasaktan.

Okay na po, nag-sorry na rin po ako kung may nagawa po akong kasalanan sa kanila. Tama naman po ‘yon, sabi nila kapag pinagarap mo ‘yan, kapag pinasok mo, dapat lagi kang handa at maging humble po.


Who would they be and why?

President Duterte as Sniper! Nuff said.


Lina Hontiveros? Good fit? Add a scepter and that ulti will go through your bkb like a hot knife through butter.


That hook…

Just coz he looks like a mean Pudge

Kasi Bato.

Just cause

That firestorm burns like..

The Under Lord!

Citizenship issues? Just split into multiples.

She’s splits into…

That ulti will crit.. hard.

Packs a mean punch

Those scream based skills can kill.

That noise based ulti kills

Silence is golden.

The silence deepens

Trollanes, apt?

Trolling for victory!



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Another screenshot of Senator Manny Pacquiao is making the rounds on social media. This time he was caught commenting on Ria Chiuffo IG live. Ria Chiuffo does reports for men’s satirical sports blog Barstool Sports for Chicks in the Office.

Pacman apparently likes commenting on IG live
Ria Chiuffo
Pacquiao appears Active on IG
He even confirmed his Identity
Call me anytime?


A few days before, the boxing legend admitted that he commented on IG personality Arzaylea



Manny Pacquiao Screenshot

Netizens previously speculated that the IG comment on Arzaylea did not in fact come from Manny Pacquiao and that perhaps it was from a fake account or that it possibly came from someone else managing the IG account. Manny Pacquiao however admitted to actually making the comments and in a statement said “wala namang malisya dun.”

Netizens has since been quick to react with regards to this latest screenshot.


savage comments by netizens




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He made a mistake, he meant Eugenio “Gabby” Lopez III, the chairman of ABS-CBN Corporation.

President Rodrigo Duterte last Tuesday once again targeted TV network ABS-CBN for allegedly not airing his campaign ads during the presidential elections.

The President howver corrected himself the third time he reffered to Lopez.

Makinig ka, Gabby Lopez — nag-place ako ng advertisement. Tinanggap ninyo ‘yung pera kong two million para kasi wala akong advertisement, the President said.

“Tanggap nang tanggap kasi kayo ng pera in the name of greed. Tanggap ng pera tapos kung makasalita kayo pati ‘yung Inquirer, kaming mga––kung babuyin ninyo kaming mga taga-gobyerno, you picture us to be the corrupt o ano. Excuse me. Unfortunately, hindi ako ganoon. I would not have survived,” he also added.


How did the star feel? And how did netizens react?

You have to admit that this is kinda funny
Reactions on the whole mistaken identity

Atty. Gaby Concepcion of Unang Hirit’s Kapuso sa Batas also said her piece on the whole mistaken identity issue by posting on Instagram using a photo with the actor.

Atty Gaby Conception IG Disclaimer




A  screenshot of the boxing legend is making the rounds on social media. The screenshot apparently shows Manny Pacquiao commenting on the live feed of Instagram sensation Arzaylea.


The comments by the boxing legend have drawn mixed reactions from netizens, with some defending Manny by pointing out that it was possible that someone else is managing the IG page. However, most netizens disagreed with this view, citing Manny Pacquiao’s track record with women.

Some of the more savage comments from netizens have even gone as far as to call his comments as “Fuccboi Moves” and name him as “Pastor Manny the Second Hokage”, while some expressed disappointment in light of the Senator’s apparent claims of being reformed.

Disappointed Netizens on Pacman

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The attempted rape complaints filed by model-stylist Deniece Cornejo against actor-television host Vhong Navarro has been dismissed by the Department of Justice. The DOJ, in a review resolution dated September 6, found no probable cause to press charges against Navarro in court.

“To be sure, the voluminous records of this case was scrutinized vis-à-vis the original resolution finding probable cause. However, such thorough scrutiny has failed to make us engender a well-founded belief that the rape and attempted rape described by the complainant actually happened,” according to the resolution signed by OIC Prosecutor General Severino Gaña Jr.

Cornejo claims that Navarro sexually abused her on January 17, 2014 and five days later on January 22,   the actor was apparently mauled by the group of businessman Cedric Lee, which led to the actor’s hospitalization on said date.

Cedric Lee however, claimed that they mauled Navarro after they allegedly caught him trying to rape Cornejo.

Navarro of course denied the allegation, and, through the DOJ, filed before a Taguig City court serious illegal detention and grave coercion charges against Cornejo, Lee, and five others in connection with the mauling incident that led to his hospitalization.

The DOJ cited that their reason for siding with Navarro was due to the “major inconsistencies” in the three complaint affidavits and the lack of new evidence.

“[Cornejo’s] story about the incident on January 17, 2014 changed from
no rape (or anything amorous for that matter) happening (first complaint-affdavit), to rape being committed by force (second complaint affidavit), and finally to rape being committed rendering her dizzy and weak due to a date rape drug-laced wine (third complaint-affidavit),” according to the resolution.

“On the other hand, complainant’s story about the incident on January
22, 2014 started from rape being committed by force (first complaint-affidavit), to absolutely having no mention about any incident (second complaint-affidavit), until the events morphed into a mere attempt to rape her (second complaint-affidavit),” it added.

The results of the three investigations the DOJ conducted on the case showed the credibility of Cornejo’s story has been passed upon and ruled to be questionable.

“As a matter of fact, three criminal information had been filed and are pending before the courts against [Cornejo] involving exactly the same incidents. These facts ought not to be ignored, but on the contrary, should be seriously taken into account in crossing the issue of [Cornejo’s] and her story’s plausibility,” the resolution read.

According to the GMA article.

Navarro’s camp welcomed the junking of the complaints.

“We are very happy that the DOJ has finally dismissed the rape complaint filed by Deniece against Vhong, the third in a series of failed attempts, to do him harm through a palpably and demonstrably false  accusation,” Navarro’s lawyer, Alma Mallonga, said in a text message.

“Mr. Navarro is determined to see these cases through to the very end, knowing full well that he has  the  unstinting support of the DOJ in his quest for justice,” Mallonga added.

Meet Isabelle Duterte, the 17-year-old daughter of the presidential son Davao’s Vice Mayor Paolo “Polong” Duterte. She is currently in 12th Grade at the Ateneo de Davao.

For just a young age, Isabelle has already caught the attention of the many from social media(not because she is the president’s grandchild). Here’s the reason why and how to be like her:


She is set to enter the entertainment industry under Annabelle Rama and Leonor Lim; she shared that the best she can offer is “dancing and singing.”

How To Be Isabelle Duterte, Polong's girl and Duterte's grandchild

She’s been doing projects with other celebrities.

Who is Isabelle Duterte and How to be like her?

Grandiose Fashionista

The teen is a staunch follower of latest fashion trends; rocking designer bags and shoes.

She has been punching up luxurious Celine and Chanel bags.

How To Be Isabelle Duterte, Polong's girl and Duterte's grandchild

She has also been wearing high-end Gucci and Chanel shoes!

How To Be Isabelle Duterte, Polong's girl and Duterte's grandchild

Effortless beauty

Isabelle always know what to do in front of the camera.

Who is Isabelle Duterte and How to be like her?

She also knows how to pull off a woman with class.

Who is Isabelle Duterte and How to be like her?

Her followers can’t surely wait for her to be in the showbiz world already.

Who is Isabelle Duterte and How to be like her?

Close to her family

Isabelle supported her grandfather during the campaign.

Who is Isabelle Duterte and How to be like her?

The enemy of her friend is also an enemy?

Who is Isabelle Duterte and How to be like her?

She takes pride on the president’s achievement.

Who is Isabelle Duterte and How to be like her?

She loves her grandfather.

Who is Isabelle Duterte and How to be like her?

She remains intact with her big family.

Who is Isabelle Duterte and How to be like her?

Loving daughter

Isabelle stood with her mother, ex-wife of Polong, Lovelie Sangkola Sumera, despite the past suspicions and issues in the past.

Who is Isabelle Duterte and How to be like her?

Both of them still support President Duterte.

Who is Isabelle Duterte and How to be like her?

Isabelle Duterte doesn’t also want to have a special treatment just because she is a member of President Rodrigo Duterte’s first family.

“Not that I’m used to it pero what I learned from it is you just have to live your life the way you want it. Syempre, normal life lang pa rin. Nothing changed… It won’t break our family. Politics is always separate from family. I support him always siyempre with love, that’s the easiest I can say and the most essential.”

Girls Generation (SNSD) and SM Entertainment has been discussing contract renewal and fans are wondering:

Did Tiffany renew her contract with SM?

Most of the members have already renewed their contracts but Tiffany might pursue her career on signing in the U. S.

If so, she will also be studying acting there for a period of time.

An insider said:

“Recently, Tiffany decided to study acting abroad in US and has told her friends and they respected her decision.”

Tiffany is still currently in a round of discussion regarding her contract with SM Entertainment.

However, there has  been no official confirmation yet regarding her officially renewal of contract.

The members and our agency have worked together for 10 years. Our trust within each other is very deep, so the majority of the members have decided on extending their contracts. [In regards to Tiffany’s contract], we are currently discussing many aspects of it.

– SM Entertainment

I wish her the best Fany Fany Hwaiting!

You are here primarily because of the beautiful and talented Lisa. She is part of a popular group BLACKPINK along with other members, Jennie, Jisoo, and Rose. Their group debuted last year’s August under YG Entertainment.

However, aside from the main reason why you’re here, maybe it’s because of dance. If you love to dance, you’ll probably be familiar of the dances that’ll be presented in the article.

If America had “Dougie” and South Korea had “Gangnam Style,” Philippines had “Budots.”  It is a slang for “tambay” which means people with no jobs or permanent jobs.


Gangnam Style


It is a form of electronic dance music (EDM), popularized by a group called “CamusBoyz” from Davao City in Mindanao, Philippines. The music is most common for mobile phone speaker and fiesta party sound systems.


It doesn’t end there, though. Also, in Southeast Asia, Thailand can brag something of their own unique kind of dance.

Lisa showcased it in an episode of a show called “KnowingBrother.” After all, Bangkok is her birthplace.

Others call it ‘Taxi taxi” and the other one is “Shooting Star.”

Were you entertained of her dance?

Dancing is not the only talent that she has. She also possesses the skill in singing, rap and vocals. A major turn on, she can speak in four languages!

Here is the “evolution” of Lisa’s skill in dancing!

Justin Bieber sent a message to his fans, saying he was “never gonna be perfect” but hoped to learn from his mistakes, after the abrupt cancellation of his world tour and accidentally hitting a photographer with his truck.

The 23-year-old singer, who called off the remaining 14 dates of his “Purpose” world tour on July 24 and injured the photographer after a Beverly Hills church service two days later, said in an Instagram post:

“broken relationships dictate the way I acted toward people…  [I] let bitterness, jealousy, and fear run my life.!!!!”

He added:

“Im VERY aware I’m never gonna be perfect, and I’m gonna keep making mistakes but what I’m not gonna do is let my past dictate my future.”

He did not mention the accident with the photographer, who suffered minor injuries and thanked the singer in an Instagram video last week for staying with him until emergency services came.

Having more than 150 shows, Bieber pulled out of his tour, citing only “unforeseen circumstances” at the time, which brought frustration and worry to his fans. It also brought support to the Canadian pop star from celebrities like singer-songwriter John Mayer, who gave Bieber credit for looking after his mental well-being.

A day after the cancellation of his tour, Bieber told, a celebrity news outlet, that he was looking forward to “just resting and getting some relaxation” after two years on the road.