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Netizens Called It.. PacBoi Moves, Another Screenshot of Pacman Surfaces

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Another screenshot of Senator Manny Pacquiao is making the rounds on social media. This time he was caught commenting on Ria Chiuffo IG live. Ria Chiuffo does reports for men’s satirical sports blog Barstool Sports for Chicks in the Office.

Pacman apparently likes commenting on IG live
Ria Chiuffo
Pacquiao appears Active on IG
He even confirmed his Identity
Call me anytime?


A few days before, the boxing legend admitted that he commented on IG personality Arzaylea



Manny Pacquiao Screenshot

Netizens previously speculated that the IG comment on Arzaylea did not in fact come from Manny Pacquiao and that perhaps it was from a fake account or that it possibly came from someone else managing the IG account. Manny Pacquiao however admitted to actually making the comments and in a statement said “wala namang malisya dun.”

Netizens has since been quick to react with regards to this latest screenshot.


savage comments by netizens




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