DOJ Dismisses Charges Against Vhong Navarro

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The attempted rape complaints filed by model-stylist Deniece Cornejo against actor-television host Vhong Navarro has been dismissed by the Department of Justice. The DOJ, in a review resolution dated September 6, found no probable cause to press charges against Navarro in court.

“To be sure, the voluminous records of this case was scrutinized vis-à-vis the original resolution finding probable cause. However, such thorough scrutiny has failed to make us engender a well-founded belief that the rape and attempted rape described by the complainant actually happened,” according to the resolution signed by OIC Prosecutor General Severino Gaña Jr.

Cornejo claims that Navarro sexually abused her on January 17, 2014 and five days later on January 22,   the actor was apparently mauled by the group of businessman Cedric Lee, which led to the actor’s hospitalization on said date.

Cedric Lee however, claimed that they mauled Navarro after they allegedly caught him trying to rape Cornejo.

Navarro of course denied the allegation, and, through the DOJ, filed before a Taguig City court serious illegal detention and grave coercion charges against Cornejo, Lee, and five others in connection with the mauling incident that led to his hospitalization.

The DOJ cited that their reason for siding with Navarro was due to the “major inconsistencies” in the three complaint affidavits and the lack of new evidence.

“[Cornejo’s] story about the incident on January 17, 2014 changed from
no rape (or anything amorous for that matter) happening (first complaint-affdavit), to rape being committed by force (second complaint affidavit), and finally to rape being committed rendering her dizzy and weak due to a date rape drug-laced wine (third complaint-affidavit),” according to the resolution.

“On the other hand, complainant’s story about the incident on January
22, 2014 started from rape being committed by force (first complaint-affidavit), to absolutely having no mention about any incident (second complaint-affidavit), until the events morphed into a mere attempt to rape her (second complaint-affidavit),” it added.

The results of the three investigations the DOJ conducted on the case showed the credibility of Cornejo’s story has been passed upon and ruled to be questionable.

“As a matter of fact, three criminal information had been filed and are pending before the courts against [Cornejo] involving exactly the same incidents. These facts ought not to be ignored, but on the contrary, should be seriously taken into account in crossing the issue of [Cornejo’s] and her story’s plausibility,” the resolution read.

According to the GMA article.

Navarro’s camp welcomed the junking of the complaints.

“We are very happy that the DOJ has finally dismissed the rape complaint filed by Deniece against Vhong, the third in a series of failed attempts, to do him harm through a palpably and demonstrably false  accusation,” Navarro’s lawyer, Alma Mallonga, said in a text message.

“Mr. Navarro is determined to see these cases through to the very end, knowing full well that he has  the  unstinting support of the DOJ in his quest for justice,” Mallonga added.

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