You Can Now Rent Your Very Own bf/gf! with ‘Pangga’ App

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Pangga is an app-based service that enables single Millennials to avail an online “companion” in order to build a healthy self-esteem in today’s “Me Me Me Generation.”

For ladies, are you tired of hearing your relatives and friends ask “Wala ka pa ring boyfriend?”, “Ano may boyfriend ka na ba?” Well, now you can actually RENT someone who could portray that role!

This is the first on-demand partner for hire that works on both iOS and Android.

What does Pangga primarily offer?

It offers a specific bf/gf for hire for all intents and purposes. The different categories to choose from are:

“Social Media Boy-friend or Girl-friend: The Pangga could act as your ‘special someone’ on Facebook. This service includes the ‘In a Relationship’ status with the Pangga as well as exchanges of sweet posts and comments.”

“Rent a date: The Pangga could portray a role as your boy-friend in your social events like homecoming, valentines date, meet-the-parents, or meet friends/relatives (pakikilala sa barkada/relatives), etc.”

These are the limitations strictly observed and implemented:

  • Holding Hands (in special circumstances),
  • Massage your Hands,
  • Play Games/Cards,
  • Watch Movies,
  • Selfies, and the like.


  • Kiss,
  • “akbay” (arm over shoulder), and
  • other unwelcome or inappropriate behaviors.

Active: The Pangga could accompany to your active lifestyle and be the perfect workout buddy for you.

 Local Guide: The Pangga could be your local tour guide. This service is availed if you want someone to show you around the city.

Heart to Heart Chat: The Pangga could be hired as a “listener” if in any case, you want to have a heart-to-heart chat. He/she will chat, comfort, and listen to all your concerns.**

Others: If you need someone to portray a specific role for you or you’re just curious about Pangga, tell us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you. However, this is subject for approval by the company.

FAQS (You can check out more from the official website www.panggaforhire.com)

Does Pangga offer escort services and sexual providers?

NO! Pangga sells non-sexual sessions.

How do I hire a Pangga?

Simply download our app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Then Register, Select, and Pay. That’s simple!:)

How do I make payment? Is it secure?

You can download the app for FREE. Payments via cash or bank transfers are only made if you hire.

Are Pangga’s screened?

Yes. Every Pangga is carefully screened, interviewed. All undergo background checks by our Recruitment Team.

Is my safety ensured?

Aside from the Pangga’s screening, both are required have wi-fi so that we could monitor your locations via GPS for the safety of both parties.

How will I send out feedbacks on my session?

Client satisfaction is their utmost priority. After the session, you would be able to rate and comment in the mobile app.

Will my personal info be protected?

Security is their top priority. Please see our privacy policy.

Where is the meeting place with my Pangga?

For the safety of both parties, only public or crowded places are allowed for meet-ups.

What if I become uncomfortable and want to leave?

You can definitely do so anytime. If it does not feel good or right anymore, then you are free to leave.

Can I say NO?

Do not be intimidated to say NO. If you are not happy or comfortable with any situation that may arise, then say NO and leave if necessary.

Can I get drunk?

The company does not encourage nor discourage anyone of legal age to drink. However, the Pangga is bound to behave in an appropriate manner at all times.

What if I lose something?

You are solely responsible for your own belongings. Don’t leave any valuables unattended or lying around.

Does the Pangga receive any training?

Yes. All our Pangga’s must undergo regular online training on how to behave towards the client. This includes etiquette, safety and security, client communication and active listening skills.

Can I deal directly with the Pangga and get their personal phone number before meeting them?

  1. This is a violation of our Terms of Agreement. For the safety and protection of everyone, the company will not allow direct dealings or transactions outside the app.

Will the Pangga in the picture be the same person that I will be having a session?

YES! The app shall do its very best to make sure that all profile pictures are up to date, or at least, within the last 6 months. The company does not approve any type of “bait and switch” scheme.


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