Empoy Turns Emotional of His Afresh Fame

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Empoy and Greek god are far from being similar. It is the photos of John Lloyd Cruz and Piolo Pascual that makes the girls’ hearts skip a beat.

Tuesday afternoon, Empoy appeared in an interview wearing a dark cardigan that looks like one size too long for him.

For those who haven’t seen his performance in the movie “Kita Kita,” he pans out as unobtrusive, spindly — nothing like the next leading man so many have named him as.

He flubbed with the phrase “hindi ko maipaliwanag” many times, he kept brushing his messy hair and he sat carelessly.

He was suchlike his character Tonyo, where he is having hard times in many ways but whose sense of humor and sincerity have become the definition of “pogi” for most.

“Hindi ko po maisip na mararating ko iyong ganito, kasi simple lang ako noon… Nagbu-bus lang ako, nagta-taxi –nakilala ko na ata lahat ng taxi driver sa may amin. Hindi ko talaga maipaliwanag.”

In just more than two weeks, their movie “Kita Kita” with Alessandra de Rossi reached P230 million. Empoy is now a star and he has female fans cringing over him and his striking mustache.

He admitted that he was inundated by all of it. It has been 14 years since his first television appearance but he never felt this kind of love from the Filipinos before.

He was emotional when he said that his only reason why he kept on working hard was to make people laugh. Everything else like the fame was a God-given bonus.

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