VIRAL: Singer Gives Mic to Korean Girl, and she Wows Everyone!

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A video of a singer who gives her mic to a Korean girl in the crowd gone viral.

The girl sings “What’s Up” of 4 Non-Blondes’ like nobody was watching her.

When the song changes to Beyonce’s “Halo,” she suddenly handed the mic to her friend.

And it turns out that her friend was also an incredible singer!

The video was captured by Crayon Pop’s Choa who was on vacation with her friends.

choa singer crayon pop with friends viral

The first girl who sang “What’s Up” was a Lee Ji Min, a musical actress.

singer lee ji min

The other girl who sang “Halo” was Jung Jae-Eun, who was also a musical actress.

Jung Jae-Eun singer

Watch the video of their full performance. It has almost 2 million views on youtube.

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