Chinese Airlines Upgraded Crew Members’ Uniforms, and It’s Superb!

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Hainan Airlines upgraded their 5th generation uniforms, and they look like they could be on a different runway!

hainan airlines new uniform

Well, they really have been on the runway. Earlier this year, these new fashion items debuted during Paris Couture Week.

hainan airlines paris couture week

This is a collaboration with one of China’s most successful designers, Laurence Xu.

Hainan airlines lawrence xu

The design was influenced by the traditional Chinese dress called QiPao.

QiPao hainan airlines

Chinese-inspired prints such as cloud prints and a mythical bird called Roc are featured in the design.

hainan airlines design

To revamp the traditional QiPao, Laurence Xu mixed “classical, time-honoured Oriental aesthetics” together with “the silhouette of a modern Western suit.”

hainan airlines western suit

The Hainan Airline went through of sketches with the designer and tried hundreds of samples of garments before choosing with the final product.


“We are not only creating a new uniform but also showing the internationalized image of our airline. Especially on international routes, we would like to let passengers know that China is modern and trendy”— Xu Fei, brand director of Hainan Airlines


Haainan Airlines new uniform

hainan airlines past uniform

For the airline, this is absolutely a big improvement over their uniforms in the past!


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