Korean Teen Pays Off Her Father’s $2 Million Debt By Becoming A Successful CEO

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Kim Su Kyung is not most people. At 19, Su Kyung is already CEO of a successful business. Specifically, the Founder of online shopping mall Victoria Garconne.

However, Most 19-year-olds worry about mundane things, like what to wear, what to eat, what their crush think about them, and the like.

Korean teen pays off debt

Su Kyung had dropped out of middle school at 15 in order to try and support her family of 7, after a sudden financial crisis

She had initially worked part-time at another online shop, before setting up her own. At 15-years-old Su Kyung had spent her days organizing her business by herself, with only a small capital loaned to her by her family.

She did all the work herself, from pictorials to organizing shipments, from morning to night on a daily basis. This Korean teen surely knows how to work hard.

Her efforts eventually paid off. In its first five months, Victoria Garconne had made 30 million won ($26,000 USD)!

A month after that Su Kyung hit her first 100 million won ($87,000 USD)!

Kim has found happiness in her career and in providing for her family, who are all immensely proud of her.

Korean teen pays off her debt

Su Kyung’s story is an inspirational one to help others strive for success!


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