Korean Actor Stops a Man from Jumping to his Death

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Korean Actor Han Jung Kook saved a man from off a 10-meter high bridge, straight to his death.

Korean Actor

The actor was passing by the bridge when he noticed the man. Immediately, Han Jung Kook and another citizen grabbed onto the man’s arm to prevent him from falling.

Korean actor saves man


Police quickly arrived at the scene and the man was safely moved away from the edge of the bridge.

Korean actor saves man

It was later revealed that the man was in his mid-50s, who was forced into homelessness because he was unable to find a job.


The Busan Metropolitan Police Agency awarded Han Jung Kook and the other citizen a prize for their bravery.

Korean actor saves man

Han Jung Kook, however, said in an interview:


“Anyone would have done what I did… anyone passing there would have tried to rescue him.”


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