READ: If ‘Fight My Way’ will Get High Viewer Ratings…

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The casts of the upcoming drama ‘Fight My Way’ has something special for the fans!

If Fight My Way receives high viewer ratings:

“I think if viewer ratings hit 30%, Park Seo Jun and Kim Ji Won should get married, and if it’s below 30%, Ahn Jae Hong and Song Ha Yoon should get married,”

According to Actor Kim Sung Oh.

Park Seo Jun also had his own idea about what the cast should do if viewer ratings are high:

“The series was filmed in Oksudong, but the director set it in Busan. I spent a week there, and it felt like it was somewhere overseas. At first, I complained a little, but when I got there, my thoughts disappeared. The night view was great. I think it’ll be good to do a tour with a few viewers.”

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