Children from PH Risk Death Diving for Gold Mine

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Desperate times call for desperate measures. Apparently, it’s always a desperate time for the people of Paracale, Philippines. It’s gold mine after all.

This method is known as compressor mining, the deadliest and most inhumane gold extraction method on earth.

Compressor mining is also illegal under Philippine law. However, the law is largely ignored.

Death diving for gold mine

Equipped with just a diving mask and earplugs, miners dive down into a mine shaft. They breathe through a slender tube attached to a compressor on the surface — hence the name.

The diver underwater suffocates when shaft collapses or air tube gets clogged.

Above, men tend the compressors and haul up the ore. The miners put their lives in the hands of those on the surface.

Accidents, drownings, and carbon monoxide poisoning from faulty compressors are common occurrences in the practice.

Once on the surface, the gold is processed using Mercury which is a deadly neurotoxin.

The miners get as much as $5 while it is double for the divers. Even so, these folks made it a habit of putting their lives in danger and uncertainty only in exchange for a small payoff.


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