Kim Chiu Went Crazy Over the Kardashian’s Q&A

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Actress Kim Chiu finds herself awestruck during an Instagram live session of the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

Kim is a big fan of the Kardashian Sisters. She got into Kim and Khloe answering questions from their more than 200,000 followers tuned in.

She raised some of her own questions to the Kardashians.

If they were planning to visit the Philippines

“I would love to go to the Philippines,”

Kim said. She added that she finds the country “pretty” and “beautiful.”

Khloe’s diet?

“God, I’ve been a feast of a pig. Like a pig on steroids. I can’t stop eating. It is horrible. I have no self-control. I feel disgusting. It’s just a mess.”


Kim Chiu couldn’t help it but brag on her twitter account about her experience:

“Kim and Khloe noticed my comment three times on IG live! Ang haba ng sagot! Like OMG!! It feels like I’m with them lang sa car nila!”


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