Is your McDonald’s Android App spying on you?

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Are you loving McDonald’s? Then you’re probably gonna hate to know that they are spying on you.

As of January, there were 234 Android apps that were created using Silverpush. It is an app that used inaudible sound embedded into TV commercials to covertly track phone users.

What It Does

These apps listen silently for ultrasonic sounds that marketers use as high-tech beacons to notify when a phone user is viewing a TV commercial or other type of targeted audio.

According to Erwin Quiring, a researcher from Technische Universitat Braunschweig in Germany, this shows how easily this technology can be used to spy on users.

He states:

“They can track the TV viewing habits of users precisely even with traditional broadcasting technologies.”

The tracking can also be used for purposes that are decidedly less ethical. Companies can use the information they have gathered about a somebody’s location and surfing behavior to tie a single person to the multiple media devices he/she uses, compromising anonymity in the process.

Many of these spy apps were developed for large companies such as McDonald’s and Krispy Kreme!

Technology has opened us up to a world where information is a powerful resource, and companies are aware of this fact. And they’re probably using it for their own benefit.

So the next time you download an app, better check twice.

The application you download next might be siphoning information off of your mobile phone without you knowing!


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