Filipino Actress Anne Curtis Can’t Get Over With Gong Yoo

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Gong Yoo‘s charms got every girl out there, don’t you think? Even the famous Filipino-Australian actress and host Anne Curtis cannot resist it.

Anne felt madly in love with Gong Yoo after watching his drama Goblin.

The actress went so far to fly all the way to Gong Yoo’s fan meeting in Hong Kong.

Recently, her Instagram and Twitter were drowning in posts related to Gong Yoo:

#DreamsDoComeTrue ❤️ #GongYoo Kamsahamnida! I couldn't understand much but your smile and energy was contagious! To all my fellow fan girls out there I am wishing with all my heart #MakeAWishInThePhilippines happens so you may experience what I got to see tonight! Such a charming gentleman! Never had I imagined I'd get to see him THIS close. From being a fan that was just watching his series and movies to THIS. Sobrang Happy at Sobrang KILIG! As in. Ito na siguro yung todo na ng pagkafangirl ko. I definitely got more than what I wished for! XièXiè @viuhongkong and Maraming Salamat @viuphilippines ❤️ . . ahhhhh it certainly is a beautiful life!!!!! ❤️ I have so much footage to watch over and over again to keep my fan girl heart happy for a very long time! Yey! #MakeAWishinHongKong #GongYoo #공유 #WishingForGongYooToComeToThePhilippines . . P.S – still wishing that one day magkaselfie and maka-handshake ko sya annnnnnnnd please excuse my screaming. Hirap magpigil mga beshie. 😂

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Congratulations my oppa #GongYoo for winning Best Drama Actor for Goblin at the #BaeksangArtsAwards2017 ❤️ Well deserved! You are a brilliant actor and I admire you and your work very much! You have gained a loyal fan in me ahjussi! . . A big congratulations to whole crew, staff, director, cast #Goblin (specially Wookie and Kim Go-Eun) and most importantly the writer, Kim Eun-sook ❤️ What an introduction to the Kdrama world. Such a beautiful, beautiful story. Life changing for me. Seriously. I'm hooked. Goblin is for me, unforgettable. Well, obviously. I'm still not over it… ❤️ -#JiANNEtak . . . . P.S – thank you to the talented person that made this fan art ❤️ Found it over on twitter. #GoblinsBride #KdramaAddict #HayaanNyoNaAko

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