Meet ‘Guardians’ Star, Dave Bautista

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Who was your favorite character from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’? Was it Star Lord? No, let me guess. Baby Groot, too?! Everybody loves that guy even when he wasn’t a baby yet.

However, one of the underrated characters out there is Drax, the deadly and short-tempered fighter. He has quickly become a fan-favorite for his all-too-literal approach to the world that made him funny.

Dave Bautista a.k.a Batista, a professional wrestler back then from WWE, reprises the role in the now-showing Vol. 2 of the movie. No wonder he was familiar back then! He could also be the humblest celebrity also from the actors.

“I think Dave isn’t appreciated by Dave more than anyone else. Far and anyway, Dave Bautista is people’s favorite character in the film. And I think it’s just a testament to what a great actor he is…”

“And every time I tell Dave, ‘You’re amazing in the movie. People love you.’ He always says, ‘Because you wrote it that way.’ But that’s just not the case. No one else would be able to deliver those lines like he is able to do it. So he’s a great actor,”

Director James Gunn said in an interview.

In addition to that, Dave has a Filipino blood! Years back, learning his massive Filipino fanbase amazed him.

“I didn’t really make the connection… I couldn’t understand why they looked up to me so much and it was really odd for me,”

The actor admitted during an interview.

“They really accepted me as one of their own, even if I was born in the United States… It is still so humbling to hear that,”

He replied when asked about how was his visit to the Philippines back then.

“I love it and I wear the Filipino flag on my shoulder all the time with pride,”

He added pointing to his shoulder and elbow.

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