Meet the One and Only, Madam Kilay!

Are you having a hard time looking for the perfect ‘eyebrows on fleek’ tutorials?

Worry no more because Madam Kilay is here! In her Facebook page, there are also funny posts and videos together with her boyfriend named Afam.

She claims herself as the “lubos na pinagpala sa lahat ng kababaihan”. Aside from being a comedian, she considers herself as a singer and an actress.

Don’t forget to subscribe on her page to watch her other videos with Afam!

Some netizens always say that their videos together, including the script are staged. However, a few find it funny and cute. The man looks like he really is in love with Madam Kilay!

Kaya next time mga girls, huwag magalinlangang kapalin ang mukha, este ang kilay para mahanap ang inyong ‘one true love’.

Hindi lang sa ‘rare’ beauty ng Pinay nahuhumaling ang mga foreigner, kundi pati na rin sa pagiging kwela! Iyan naman talaga lagi makakapagpatibok sa mga puso ng lahat.

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