Bill Nye Leads ‘March of Science’

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It was a great moment both for science, as well as William Sanford Nye, the man behind the iconic television show, ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy’ during the ‘90s.

“We are marching today to remind people everywhere, our lawmakers especially, the significance of science…,”

Bill said.

Back then, Nye was called the half-mad professor who always wear a coat and a bow tie.

More than 20 years later, he still wears a bow tie and he still says his favorite catchphrase, ‘It’s not magic, it’s science!’ Most importantly, he is still an activist for science, leading millennials into a fight.

It didn’t really take him 20 years to join such kind of protest because he knew the children were the future. He was already fighting the fight as his show makes young people excited about science.

“When you become scientifically literate… you become an environmentalist… if you believe something hard enough, it’s as true as things discovered through the process of science. And I will say that’s objectively wrong,”

Nye said.

Most people from the science community called the mass protest abnormal. It did not surprise Bill. It was rather the group of scientists, doctors, and engineers who attended the protest.

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