Lee Min Ho to Begin Mandatory Military Sevice

Korean superstar Lee Min Ho will start his mandatory military service next month.

According to MYM Entertainment’s statement received by the Korean Herald:

“Lee Min Ho’s enlistment date was confirmed today. He will begin service on May 12 at Gangnam-gu office as a public service officer. He’ll spend his time preparing for the service until May.”

Because of an injury from a car accident back in 2006, Lee Min Ho’s assignment will be a non-combat position.

Military service is mandatory in South Korea for men between ages 18-35. They are to perform a 2-year military service due to the constant threat of North Korea.

Lee Min Ho’s fans expressed their sentiments on a post most saying they will miss the beloved actor. However, with a non-combat position, we can rest easy that Min Ho will be far from immediate danger. Fans might even be able to visit Min Ho at his office.

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