Lee Min Ho to Begin Mandatory Military Sevice

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Korean superstar Lee Min Ho will start his mandatory military service next month.

According to MYM Entertainment’s statement received by the Korean Herald:

“Lee Min Ho’s enlistment date was confirmed today. He will begin service on May 12 at Gangnam-gu office as a public service officer. He’ll spend his time preparing for the service until May.”

Because of an injury from a car accident back in 2006, Lee Min Ho’s assignment will be a non-combat position.

Military service is mandatory in South Korea for men between ages 18-35. They are to perform a 2-year military service due to the constant threat of North Korea.

Lee Min Ho’s fans expressed their sentiments on a post most saying they will miss the beloved actor. However, with a non-combat position, we can rest easy that Min Ho will be far from immediate danger. Fans might even be able to visit Min Ho at his office.

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