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Courage Amidst Devastation: Photographer Helped Injured Child After Bomb Hits Buses Filled with Evacuees

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During the aftermath of a bomb hitting a convoy of buses carrying Syrian evacuees, a photographer dropped his camera and started carrying people.

Photographer and activist Abd Alkader Habak was suddenly knocked out by the explosion. However, instead of running when he regained his sense, he started helping the wounded.

In an interview with CNN Habak said,

“The scene was horrible — especially seeing children wailing and dying in front of you…So I decided along with my colleagues that we’d put our cameras aside and start rescuing injured people.”

The first child he approached was dead. Then he ran towards another child lying on the ground, Habak noticed that he was still breathing but only barely. He then picked him up intent on helping the boy survive from such a horrible experience.

He ran towards safety clutching the boy in his arms while he dashed for an ambulance. Habak said that he left the boy in the ambulance but he does know if the kid survived or not.

After doing so Habak went back to the blast site to help others, what met him there, however, was a grim scene of dead children.

Overwhelmed by the devastation, Habak collapsed on his knees beside a body of a dead child.

Photographer in Syria

“I was overcome with emotion…What I and my colleagues witnessed is indescribable.”

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