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Another Visa-free Access for Hopeful Pinoys!

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After Taiwan’s announcement of waiving visa requirements for Filipinos, South Korea is considering it also.

While it’s a 30-day stay in Taiwan, it will be a five-day stay in the mainland Korea going to Jeju Island!

It shouldn’t be that hard for South Korea to examine this because they’re popular among Filipinos for their K-Pop and Koreanovelas. In addition to that, the Pinoys often prefer for international destinations without visa requirements and have low rates.

The Philippines also

Syempre hindi magpapahuli ang Pinoy!

The country drew 62 million local tourists in 2016. This makes the Department of Tourism (DOT) target the foreign tourists also. In fact, it has already received almost 700,000 foreigners since January 2017.

The DOT knows what to do. Lower hotel rates and cheaper flights will do the job of attracting more tourists. Furthermore, they are also examining about giving Chinese tourists a 14-day visa upon arrival set-up.

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