Brent Sabas Presents PhiliPAINS

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An artist named Brent Sabas uploaded 4 images that show how “Pinoys” do their penance all-year round. Based on his facebook account, he is an Art Director and an Illustrator.

He studied Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines Diliman. He lives in Caloocan. For some who’s asking if he is single? To answer your question, yes, he is still Single.

He like sharing links on his timeline. Also, he is posting some images he created out of his creative mind.

Russian Roulette

The newest in his album is the PhiliPAINS. Which has an album caption: “Tapos na ang Mahal na Araw, pero ang totoo all-year round ang penitensiya ng mga Pinoy.” He has 4 images in the album namely, Mocha Crappe, #Mayforever, Siksi-Can and a roulette that has a gun on top.

fake news mocha

The idea of Mocha Crappe is taken from a cup of frappe in Starbucks. The girl on the original logo was replaced with a face of Mocha Uson, topped with a poop and has flies around it. “Sipsipin, simsimin mga kasinungalingan niya’t lagim,” caption of the image. It is also based on what Mocha is posting on Social Media.

Forever sa EDSA

The caption of the #Mayforever image is “Dahil dinaig ng EDSA ang Kalye-serye at 26 seasons ng Daisy Siete.” The image visualizes the real score of the traffic in EDSA, it has really Forever when it comes to traffic in EDSA.


“Walang sarap sa biyahe kapag kahalikan na ang katabi mong kili-kili.” image caption. Siksi-can pictures the scenario in LRT’ and MRT when it is rush hour. Just like in a can of sardines, the people inside the wagon is almost kissing each other’s forearms because it is overcrowded.

The last image is about Extra Judicial Killings. It has a caption says “Ang buhay ay bilog. Minsan buhay ka, Minsan babarilin kang tulog.” It is based on what is happening today. You’ll never know when will your time come.

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