This is What You Get for Parking Badly

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In the video, the driver of the smaller red car has parked over two spaces. Later on, two guys with bigger cars wanted to give him a lesson.

“You gonna block this guy?… I’ll get on his other side”

The driver of the white car asked, leaving a little space between their cars. Later on, they waited for the guy to notice that he couldn’t get inside his car.

Later on, they waited and filmed the driver to notice that he couldn’t get inside his car anymore.

Pissed and impatient, the driver just opened his trunk and wiggled to fit inside after kicking the tires of the two cars. As a result, he successfully drove out of the parking space.

“That’s just so wrong. Many times you’re filling in a spot from someone prior to you who parked poorly and then the entire row follows suit.”

A netizen reacted.

However, some netizens noticed the poor video set-up because they saw the driver of the smaller red car sitting on the island. Just like another netizen said,

“If you’re gonna stage something, at least make it realistic. Don’t have the guy sitting on the curb watching you park your car and then act surprised later on.”

What are your comments? Do you also think the incident was staged?

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