Youtuber Harassing IU will be Facing Charges

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Youtuber POORWAN, also known as Ji Yong Hwan will be facing lawsuits from FAVE Entertainment and IU for a series of extremely malicious and inappropriate comments.

POORWAN made a channel which he specifically uses to make sexual comments towards IU.

On his channel, POORWAN answers horrible questions such as, “Would you like IU or a pet dog?” to which he answered,

“Of course I like IU. A dog can’t give me sex, but IU can. Life is about sex, don’t you understand?”

When FAVE Entertainment announced that they will be filing a lawsuit against POORWAN he replied,

“I can be sued by IU’s company. It would be an honor if IU filed a lawsuit against me. I’ll be able to meet IU in the courtroom.”

Sadly for him, he will only be meeting the company’s legal team in order to prevent any deranged fans from copying POORWAN’s example.

POORWAN apologized for the videos and comments he made claiming it was all a joke. Despite this apology FAVE Entertainment and IU will not be dropping the charges.

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