Problematic Past of the Doctor Dragged Off in United Airlines Scandal Revealed

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The 69-year-old man who was forcibly dragged off the United Airlines plane named Dr. David Dao is said to be recovering from his injury in a hospital in Chicago. The issue is still the focus of international attention in social media and even in news.

The problematic past of this doctor was revealed in an official document together with his felony drugs conviction and need for “anger management.”

Dr. Dao told the station that he was not doing well. The Courier-Journal from his hometown paper pointed out that he has five kids and he had his medical license suspended for about 10 years due to illegally prescribing painkillers to a patient for illicit gay sex and. Dao also tested positive for drugs.

Dr. Dao has not sued the airline yet but if he does, the airline will surely use the revealed document against him. But the netizens who already watched the video footage said that his past cannot give justification for his savage treatment on the plane.

The United Airlines lost $800 million of its value as shares fall down on Wall Street in the PR crisis.

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