Passenger’s Experience in United Airlines Scandal

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Some of the passengers of the United tells what really did happen inside the plane before Dr. Dao’s dragged off.

“All United had to do was trying to convince some passenger and it wouldn’t have taken much more convincing to get some folks to leave that plane. However, the United employee left after the first offer,”

John Klaassen, one of the passengers in the plane stated.

According to his co-passenger, Dr. Dao explained that he is a doctor and he can’t be late because there are patients scheduled to see him the next day. Unfortunately, his explanation didn’t work.

Later on, employees dragged down Dr. Dao to the aisle. The other passenger said that the man hits his face on the armrest.

The authorities have no reason to do that not unless the person is hostile. As what Klaassen said in the interview,

“If they had just tried some diplomacy, none of this had to take place.”

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