Young Diver Selling Sea Urchin Able to Graduate in College After Becoming a Scholar

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Ten years ago, Kara David, a media expert made a documentary about a family of sea urchin divers from an island in Pangasinan.

One of the young diver’s name is Joselito Padilla. He was only in Grade 4 back then. He had to help earn for their daily living through harvesting sea urchins first before going to school.

Sea urchins are worth P140 per teaspoon in a Japanese restaurant but their family only earns a maximum of P100 for a sack full already.

Thus, finishing his studies would be very hard. Fortunately, Kara made him one of her scholars under “Project Malasakit”. This opportunity served as his inspiration.

He did not waste any moment until he succeeds. Now, Joselito finally graduated in college and earned his bachelor degree of Marine Transport.

He brought pride to his own island. Moreover, he proved that the kind of hardship he went through should not be a hindrance for dreamers like him.

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