Hibernating Bears Have Lost Their Sanctuary

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Hibernating bears are no longer safe from hunters as the current administration rolled back previous regulations against the practice.

President Trump signed a bill into law allowing Alaskan hunters to kill vulnerable bears. Along with bears, wolf cubs in dens can now also be hunted.

According to Humane Society CEO Wayne Pacelle

“What the House did today should shock the conscience of every animal lover in America…If the Senate and president concur, we’ll see wolf families killed in their dens [and] bears chased down by planes.”

Rep. Don Young argued that the rights of the state are being infringed upon by the rule saying,

“We have to recognize this is not about the little polar bears, the little grizzly bears or wolves on television, this is about the state’s right to manage — not allowing the federal government to do so…We want to be able to take and manage our fish and game for the sustainable yield — so that our fish and game will be there forever.”

The law endangers a lot of species that are vulnerable all throughout the winter season. While others say that it will be helping regulate the prey to predator populations in the region.

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