Elephants Made a Great Escape From a Hole

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A great escape took place in a Cambodian Wildlife sanctuary when 11 elephants dragged themselves from a muddy pit.

source: BBC

While looking for some water to drink, the elephants fell inside a muddy hole used to collect water.

According to the technical advisor, Tan Setha,

“These elephants represent an important part of the breeding population…their loss would have been a major blow to conservation.”

Protecting the wildlife

Originally a crater made by a bomb during the Vietnam war, villagers widened the hole to store water.

When the farmers realized that the elephants fell down the hole they quickly called the authorities to start a rescue effort.

Locals also rushed to help the elephants with makeshift ropes when they found out the animals fell.

“This is a great example of everyone working together in Cambodia to save wildlife,”

Said Dr. Ross Sinclair, WCS country director.

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