Internet Raves on a Bust of Ronaldo

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Cristiano Ronaldo is known for his soccer prowess and being exceptionally handsome, not to mention he is also vain.

So what must he have been thinking when the Madeira International Airport was renamed after him and unveiled a sculpture that does not resemble him.


Ronaldo remained calm as the audience may have had a mixed reception during the ceremony, but not the internet.

The sculpture was roasted and became a subject of mockeries. Even art experts were not impressed.

With a goofy smirk and uneven eyes, the sculpture was quickly declared to look more like Sloth from the movie Goonies.

Last 2014, a full-size statue of Ronaldo was unveiled and people criticized the prominent bulge in its soccer shorts.

Ronaldo might have hoped for Michaelangelo to do his sculpture. Because for a handsome man, he has had some appalling luck with sculptors.

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