First Filipino Deported From US Speaks Out

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After jumping ship, former crewman Raymond Galleon have been living in the US for seven years as an undocumented immigrant.

His stay in the country, however, came to a halt when he became the first Filipino to be deported.

According to Galleon, After dropping off his 9-year-old he encountered people who were asking for him and his wife.

After finding him out, ICE gave Galleon time to change his clothes.

While changing his clothes he alerted his wife with one of his children to sneak out the backdoor.

Galleon said that ICE made him choose either they will detain or deport him.

Fearing for his welfare Galleon chose deportation. Within a few hours, he is riding a plane bound for the Philippines.

Galleon will be giving a talk to a group of undocumented workers at the Filipino Workers center during a Know Your Rights Workshop.

He hopes his story can unify his fellow Filipino people and give them a fighting chance in a time that is hostile to immigration.

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