Fans Uncover a K-pop Star Soon to Becomes a Doctor

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A Bachelors Degree is nice, a Masters Degree is great but what do you call a K-pop star with a Ph.D.?

You’re right, EXO Xiumin is the answer!

Xiumin proved that he is not just talented and good looking. He is also a man of intelligence who values education and hard work.

Back in 2014, Xiumin majored in music for his master’s degree at Catholic Kwandong University.

Seen by his teachers as a model student Xiumin never missed an assignment or class. He did all this despite his busy schedules as a member of EXO!

Recently, fans were asking what he was doing at Hoseo University. Xiumin is secretive when it comes to his studies so there will probably be no official announcement on this news.

Fans who are also studying in the university said that Xiumin is enrolled in a doctorate program that is neither contemporary nor practical music.

He is currently finishing up his final courses!

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