Is Recovery Food’s Champo Sandro a Nod to Sandro Marcos?

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Recovery Food, fondly called RF in Bonifacio Global City, features a rather unique dish called ChampoSandro.

Champosandro is RF’s take on champurrado, the classic Filipino specialty which has come to our shores through our former Spanish colonizers.

Why Sandro though? According to some tweets, it’s named after Sandro Marcos, the son of Bongbong Marcos and grandson of former President Ferdinand Marcos:

Critics have poked fun of the dish by relating the entree to past Marcos controversies. However, the bulk of attention comes from the fans of Sandro Marcos.

The Facebook fan page called ‘Finding Sandro’ has driven fans wild. Makes one wonder if this is part of Recovery Food’s marketing strategy or just a happy coincidence.

Considering the buzz, maybe Buzzfeed should update its article on “Champurrado” by also featuring Sandro Marcos and Recovery Food!

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