Foreigner Shows An Inspiring Act of Kindness to a Street Kid

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A foreigner showed an inspiring act of kindness by buying a street kid a pair of shoes.

According to Ahyan Yerro a store’s assistant supervisor, a tattooed foreigner entered the store looking for a pair of shoes for a barefoot kid he is with.

“Nagulat ako…First time kong makakita ng foreigner na may kasamang street kid.”

The foreigner let the boy choose the shoes he wanted. Among all the shoes displayed in the store, the boy chose a pair of running shoes which they got for 40% less.

Seeing that the man’s act fo kindness have the potential to inspire people, Yerro decided to share the experience with a post that gained a lot of attention in social media.

Foreigner buy street kid a shoes

Yerro and her staff were not the only ones to witness this act of kindness, the man and the kid also went to buy new clothes and employees of other stores saw how the kid experienced one of the happiest moments in his life.

Meanwhile, the foreigner refused to be interviewed by news networks saying that the publicity that his act received is more than enough to inspire others to do good.

“This is how we can make the world a better place,”

The man said.


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