Trump Supporter Felt Betrayed After Knowing Meals on Wheels Might Be Cut

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Jordan Preast is just one of the millions who will be affected by the slashing of funds for the Meals on Wheels, a program that provides food to people with disabilities and the elderly.

Jordan, a 56-year-old Georgian resident, have been using a wheelchair since her stroke last year.

When CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller asked Jordan if she was surprised to learn that President Donald Trump has proposed to slash the funds for programs like Meals on Wheels she said,

“Yeah…Because he was told ― I was under the influence that he was going to help us.”

Meanwhile, White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney attacked the services like Meals on Wheels saying that these programs do not show any results.

Mulvaney said,

“We can’t do that anymore…We can’t spend money on programs just because they sound good. And Meals on Wheels sounds great.”

Jenny Bertollete, the vice president of communications for Meals on Wheels America, said that the program is already struggling to meet the needs of the hungry.

Jordan was asked again if how would she convince the president to not cut the program, she replied

“What if it was your momma?”

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