Secret Note Reveals Possible Girls’ Generation Comeback Date

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A fan encounter with Sooyoung gave us an unexpected outcome as it provided some information for the possible Girls’ Generation comeback!

The update posted by one of the fans that were able to ask them one question pertaining the group’s comeback went viral.

The question was asked through a note about the possible date of Girls’ Generation’s comeback.

Sooyoung was given three options; 1.) July 2.) August 3.) others and she slyly placed a mark beside the month of July.


The fan highlighted that the possible comeback date will be in July followed by a concert and fan meeting in August.

This was not the first time Sooyoung leaked information about the group’s comeback to fans. Back in February Sooyoung had a chance to interact with some fans and revealed that the comeback was planned to happen in 2017.

Even though SM Entertainment has not released any statements regarding their plans yet, one thing is for sure; we are very excited for the Girls’ Generations’ comeback!

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