Sandra Cam, Feeling VIP, goes on a Rampage when she wasn’t recognized

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At the beginning, Sandra Cam was known as a “jueteng” whistle-blower in a 2005 Senate investigation. Now, she transformed into a foghorn when she was not given the VIP treatment she had expected because she was not recognized by an employee in Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

Here are the details of the story:

Part of an airport “standard protocol” is to present a valid ID if you are a passenger. Cam did not have any IDs. Instead, she showed her credit card and boasted, “I don’t have a government ID but in three months, I will be a member of the Cabinet.” This prompted the employee to explain the terms of use of the VIP lounge, which include a fee. Later on, the employee asked her to sign the document while she was in the middle of a call. The document was for record purposes and fee. Annoyed, Cam demanded to see the manager just to so she could express her rage and complain on how “arrogant”, “snobbish” and “unfit” the employee was.

Cam says:

You know, hija? I was on the phone. Do you know who I was talking to? I was talking to Bong Go. Do you know me? If you don’t, search me up on Google… I was a former flight attendant and that is not how you approach passengers. The reason I was put here (VIP lounge) is because I might get shot outside. Can you give me protection?

Even though the manager and employee still courteously apologized to pacify her, Cam added:

No. My blood pressure has already shot up. I won’t let this pass… Why should I pay P1,200 for this small room when you have nothing to offer but water and coffee?

She then asked for their IDs to take pictures of it before throwing it on the floor and threatened their dismissal from the job.

It seems that Cam savored what had happened in some way as she did what she does best; make noises again after losing the Senate candidacy last 2016 national elections.

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