Mayweather says: “I’m out of retirement now just for Conor McGregor”

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Five-weight world champion Mayweather, 40, taunted the mixed martial arts hero Conor McGregor, 28, by claiming boxers never avoid big fights.

Mayweather says:

I don’t want the UFC to look bad – because us boxers we’re not ducking and dodging anyone… So I don’t want Conor McGregor to duck or dodge me. He called me out. He acted like he really wanted to fight to happen… Tell the UFC let’s make this fight happen.

The pair has been engaged in a long war of words but does not appear close to agreeing to terms. UFC President Dana White has told the pair he will pay them more than £20million EACH if they step into a ring.

Floyd Mayweather has warned Conor McGregor he could damage the reputation of the UFC unless he agrees to their fight.

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