Spirituality in the Senate: Pacquiao and Lascañas talked about spiritual renewal

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Senator Manny Pacquiao questioned the definition of “spiritual renewal” that Lascañas claims to have experienced.

According to Lascañas, it was his weakening health and a dream of a “child-like” image saving him from the devil that prompted him to reveal everything he knows about the president and the Davao Death Squad.

However, the senator questioned Lascañas’ claim of spiritual renewal, lashing on him for the use of the word saying:

Alam mo ba yang spiritual renewal? Naintindihan mo ba yan?

Senator Pacquiao also asked Lascañas how he can claim spiritual renewal when he offered two different statements after his alleged renewal.

He then offered to share his knowledge to Lascañas regarding spiritual renewal in the right time and place.

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