Senator Sonny Angara got Rekt by Millennials on Twitter

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Senator Sonny Angara who was once a staunch opposer of the death penalty bill suddenly switched sides. And when he made a tweet regarding this sudden change of sides the result is not only catastrophic but also entertaining.

In an amazing show of his superior intellect and verbal reasoning skills, Senator Angara showed the twitter community how an immature social media users argue.

Of course doing so will only end tragically as we can see from the senator’s lack of ability to deal with or even reason out with the flood of tweets condemning or is disappointed with his stand towards the death penalty.

A few months after the election people are starting to realize what a big mistake they did during the elections.

But it could also be interpreted as a betrayal since the sudden change of opinion of the senator really did deal a big blow to his supporters’ trust and perception regarding him.

And adding insult to injury his father former Senator Edgardo Angara has this to say:

So in the Netizens: 1, Senator Angara: 0. Better luck next time, Sonny.

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