A real life K-Drama on the rise?

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As K-Pop superstar Sandara Park is linked to K-Pop icon G-Dragon by fans of the DARA-GON love team, rumors spread about Robi Domingo, a Filipino Celebrity, having an intent to “pursue” Sandara.

It seems that our pambansang krung krung is getting a lot of attention from men lately. Just this week a Korean media network just confirmed Sandara’s return to the Television via the show “Get it Beauty 2017”. It was hinted that Sandara and alleged boyfriend G-Dragon is to appear in the same show. This caused widespread allegations of the two having a relationship among the DARA-GON fans.

Meanwhile in the Philippines, another rumor arose involving Robi Domingo and Sandara Park. These speculations came from the apparent closeness of the two and Sandara herself saying that Robi is a close and good friend of hers. Robi even made visiting Sandara a part of his itinerary while he was in Korea.

Are we witnessing the birth of a real life K-Drama complete with a love triangle, star-crossed lovers and an interesting setting? Well whatever this is, it’s a real nail-biter and we just can’t wait for further news about this maybe “love triangle”.

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