Man with 15 Bachelors and Masters degrees wants One More

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Luciano Baietti is a 70-year-old Italian man with 15 bachelors or masters degree. He lives in the town of Velleteri in the Alban Hills near Rome. He goes to school because he loves it.

This amazing feat of human abilities has earned him the award from Guinness Book of World Records of being “The More Graduated Man in the World.”

Currently, Baietti is preparing for his 16th degree this time in food science.

According to Baietti’s interview with Agence France-Presse he said “Thanks to books, I feel free, dammit,” referring to the italian words for book which is libro and free which is libero.

Included in his fine collection of degrees are degrees in sociology, literature, law, political science, philosophy, criminology and even military strategies.

He says:

Each time I set myself a new challenge, to see how far my body and my brain can go.

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