Trendy Mom Gets Trending on Facebook

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Our parents are adorable. But when they discover social media, what they post almost makes us want to hide from their awkwardness online, and from the rest of the world as well while we’re at it.

This does not stop 58-year-old mom Estrelita Santos Calacala of San Miguel, Bulacan from becoming an online hit with over 127,000 followers on Facebook. Her posts garner thousands upon thousands of likes, shares, and reactions and are mainly about her daughter and some random anecdotes.

Her initial intention, she admitted, was to stalk her daughter and to maybe meet new friends.

Little did she know that her posts would gain much attention because according to her that’s how she speaks to her daughter in real life.

She says:

Ganyan kasi kami mag-usap ng anak ko sa personal– basagan.

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