Philippine’s New War: The War for the Environment

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Amid the war on drugs and the war against the communist rebels another war rages. It is the war for the preservation of the Philippines’ environmental state.

Spearheaded by the Department of Environment and Natural Resource (DENR) Secretary Regina Lopez, the crusade against harmful mining is being waged against corporate bigwigs.

To date, the biggest blow to the mining operations Lopez has ever dealt with was the order to terminate the mining operations of 23 out of the 41 mines in the Philippines. Of course, this has earned Lopez lots of criticism from mining corporates.

While Lopez recognizes the importance of the GDP and the stock market, this means nothing to the poor. Instead, she sees the Gross National Happiness, a measure used in Bhutan, as more important.

She added that compromising her principles for the survival of her political career is not worth it.

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