San Fernando City’s Unique Bananas

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In the Barangay Cabaroan in San Fernando City exists a unique kind of Banana Plants.

These fruit-laden Banana plants are considered to be Lucky by the couple that planted them. They said that they did not notice anything unusual with the plants until it started bearing mind-boggling amount of fruits.

One of the owners, Ritchopen Arafiles says:

The seeds for the banana plants were given by a patient of my wife, who is a dentist. The patient said that this is a rare variety.

The couple considers the plant to be a sign or bringer of good luck as it helps them stay in shape and healthy.

According to them, their son was born on time and has not gotten sick ever since because of the plant.

The city agriculturist explained that there are various factors that could affect the growth of the plants causing them to produce an unnatural amount of fruits.

The city agriculturist also advised the couple to consult an expert to determine if the fruits are edible or not.

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