Tandem Strong: Erich and Daniel last duo standing on “Minute To Win It”

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Celebrity distanced lovers Daniel Matsunaga and Erich Gonzales are the last duo left standing on celebrity game show “Minute To Win It.”

The episode on Monday was taped at an earlier date prior to their misunderstanding when they were still in good terms.

Erich Gonzales has deleted all photos of the Brazilian actor on Instagram.

Matsunaga admitted they are going through a rough patch in their relationship.

He says this on Instagram:

We have nothing against each other and my love for her will always be there. So sa lahat ng mga haters, I just hope you guys respect her. Tama na please. Grabe kayo.

They may not be together anymore as a couple. For all we know, at least the fans get to see them working together as a couple for the last time.

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