Drug Traffickers Deserve Death Penalty, says Sen. Pacquiao

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“Drug traffickers deserve the death penalty.” said Senator Manny Pacquiao as he defended the importance of reimposing the death penalty in the country.

According to Pacquiao:

We need to take a firm stand against drug traffickers. On a personal level, I can forgive. However, the heinous crime of drug trafficking is committed not just against a person, but against the nation. Drug traffickers deserve the death penalty.

Senator Pacquiao is the author of three death penalty bills on certain heinous crimes such as; dangerous drugs, on kidnapping, and on aggravated rape. He also added that the senate should tackle the seven bills proposing the revival of the death penalty.

“We cannot ignore the immensity of the drug problem in our country. We cannot maintain the status quo. We need to take a firm stand against drug traffickers,” said the senator.


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