Duterte Appeals to Son: Come Home

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Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte appeals to son in public to come home to his kids.

At a press interview on Saturday during his visit to his mother Soledad’s tomb in his hometown in Davao City, Duterte expressed his frustrations with son ‘Baste,’ admitting he feels hurt to see his grandchildren grow up without a father figure in their lives.

The leader made his message clear this time: Go home and spend time with your kids.

Nasasaktan ako para sa apo ko as I have not seen the guy (Baste),

Duterte told the media, adding as he addressed his son:

Umuwi ka na kasi iyong anak mo hindi ka na kilala.

Before this, Duterte mentions that Baste does not go home to Davao lately because he prioritizes his now ex-girlfriend Ellen Adarna more than anything else.

Would you wait before your dad tells you to come home on national television, especially when your dad is the president of the country?

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