Philippine Team TnC Wins DOTA2 Competition in China

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Last August 2016, Team TnC shocked the world of E-Sports when they scored an upset win against defending champion Team OG from Europe. They finished top 8 in the tournament and brought home 20 million pesos.

2017, Team TnC  had to go through a tough and epic game 3 of the finals to beat Team Cloud 9 from Denmark to become champions in the World Electronic Sports Game in China.

The game DOTA 2 is a team-based multiplayer online game as teams slug it out to destroy the base of their enemy.
Marc “Raven” Fausto of Team TnC says that they studied and reviewed their mistakes while playing the game. It also increased their confidence.

The preparations for the World Championships in China was very tough than the Europe competition. This is because their Vietnamese-American import who was part of the team in the 8th place finish in the international tournament in August was not present.

Carlo Palad, Team captain for TnC, emphasizes that their team’s temper was cool and that combined individual player knowledge was necessary.

Eunil Javinaz is another Filipino DOTA 2 player who won a title. In the game hearthstone, he won the title against Swedish player Jon Westburg and brought home the prize money of $150,000 or P7.5 million.

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